Studio Wensveen is an art-direction & styling studio, focusing on fashion, interior and kids. The studio is founded by Sara Wensveen, who, after her studies communication and journalism, began her career as a freelance stylist in advertising and film.

Working on various commercial customers at advertising agency Lemon Scented Tea and as an assistant wardrobe in Dutch films and photo studios, she gained the experience to start styling & art-direction studio Lekker Stijl (www.lekkerstijl.nl) together with Andrea Jansen. They had a great time working on various clients such as Gordons Gin, ING bank and theatre De Krakeling.

In her recent years with Dutch fashion brand King Louie, Sara played a vital role in developing King Louie’s distinct brand signature, shaping a beautiful and successful brand. As a stylist and art director she was part of the company during the brand’s global surge forward.

Sara has a talent for visually translating ideas to brand identity and skillfully developing concepts that evolves to hands-on styling and production.

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